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The Arizona AFL-CIO (American Federation of Labor - Congress of Industrial Organizations) is the voice of Arizona’s labor movement. We are a voluntary federation of labor unions in the State of Arizona, representing affiliates with over 185,000 members.

Our priorities are:


  • Politics – We actively engage our members in the election of worker-friendly politicians who will defend and advance the freedom of workers to form and join unions.
  • Legislation – We pursue an agenda with elected legislators to not only protect, but enhance the rights of working people to enjoy a fair wage, a safe workplace and respect on and off the job.
  • Communications – Our message is simple: union members and their families are the real heroes of Arizona, and we will ensure that their voices are heard every single day, in every single venue and at every level.
  • Organizing – We strategically and enthusiastically support the growth of our labor movement and our local unions so that all Arizonans find their own voice at work!

    Nationwide, today's unions represent 11.5 million working women and men of every race and ethnicity and from every walk of life. We are teachers and truck drivers, musicians and miners, firefighters and farm workers, bakers and bottlers, engineers and editors, pilots and painters, doctors and nurses—and more. Learn more about unions.

    The Arizona AFL-CIO is led by:
  • Rebekah Friend - Executive Director & Secretary-Treasurer
  • Dean Wine - President
  • James McLaughlin - Executive Vice President

Rebekah Friend is the Secretary/Treasurer and Executive Director of the Arizona AFL-CIO, the labor union federation in Arizona representing 185,000 union members through over 200 local union affiliates. For over 30 years, Friend has been a member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and a committed advocate for working families.

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Jim McLaughlin is the Executive Vice President of the Arizona AFL-CIO. He was elected to the position in October, 2011. Read more >>>

2011-2015 Executive Council

Executive Council

Rebekah Friend Executive Director
Dean Wine President
Jim McLaughlin Executive Vice President

Brian Clark AFA
Harley Hembd AFGE
Frank Piccioli AFSCME
Mary Lou Pavoggi APWU
Paul Castañeda CWA
Jim Watson IAM
Mike Verbout IBEW
Andrew Marshall IBT
Bryan Volpp IUPAT
Jeff Clark NALC
Walter Allen, Jr. OPEIU
Dion Abril SMWIA
Phil McNally UA
Betty Guardado UNITE HERE
Fernando Terrazas USW
Greg Hynes UTU
Doug Hart AARA
Ervin Jackson Nal Nishii Federation of Labor
Linda Hatfield PALF

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